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Assurance’s Value Proposition

Assurance is the ideal place for those who deserve the best for the last lap of life. It is a place where older adults live and receive onsite care and support, with lesser or zero worry on financial aids in order to enjoy a decent living.


Human touch and loving care

The sense of touch and loving care can become a part of everyday life for seniors and  Mark Assurance assures you that.

Specialized in providing physical, emotional and spiritual needs

In Assurance we have professional staff who assist in providing physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Counselling services and spiritual guidance

In Assurance we provide counselling services and spiritual guidance to seniors to strengthen them spiritually and mentally .


Medical Support

We have a staff physician or nurse who visits regularly to provide medical checkups to the elderly.

24x7 competent staff and helpers' availability

We have qualified staff and helpers in Assurance specialized in providing round-the-clock elder care services.

Inmates with a similar mindset and interests

At Assurance seniors from all walks of life live, share and connect together with similar mindset and interests.

Relaxing ambience

In Assurance we have a relaxing atmosphere where you can experience peace of mind and body.


Recreational and entertainment facilities

We have a wide range of recreational activities and entertainment facilities creating fun at Assurance.

Well-spelled and adaptable guidelines to live by

We have easy to read and adaptable guidelines which will help you have a happy stay at Assurance.

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    What inspires us?

    Smiles are true testimonials!

    There is no shortage of joy and laughter at Assurance. Check out the facilities that we offer at Assurance for our seniors.

    Relaxing Ambience

    We ensure that our residents at Assurance live their lives in a fun filled atmosphere.

    Caring Staff

    At Assurance we have nursing assistants, and personal attendants to care for your needs.

    Quality Care

    Assurance believes in delivering every service with utmost care and responsibility.

    Relaxing Techniques

    We provide relaxation activities to release stress, tension and improve overall quality of life.

    The Ultimate Retreat

    Facilities @ Assurance

    Ageing gracefully

    Caring is a way of life...

    Caring is success, and it is a way of life. Allow us to care for you, and/or for a loved one.

    • Youth is a gift of nature….
    • I am not old-I have been
    • Wear your years with pride
    • But Age is a work of art!
    • young for a long time!
    • like a badge of honor!