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Who we are?

Assurance old age home is the ideal place for those who deserve the best for the last lap of life. It is a place where older adults live and receive onsite care and support, with lesser or zero worry on financial aids in order to enjoy a decent living. The most missed part of this deal is the precious love and care from their own children. One of the common reasons for this could be due to children’s uncertain busy life schedule that keeps them from rendering complete attention and care to their aged family members. This is where Assurance comes into picture bringing in a great deal of responsibility in filling the empty space among the older adults by providing the unwavering love and support to them.

At Assurance, the caretakers will make sure that you enjoy every moment of your stay with them, by making you feel comfortable and well cared for. Your happiness is their satisfaction. They strive to give you the best they can. With your co-operation and their love and support, they could make your stay the happiest days of your life.


Beenu XavierFounder of Assurance
Old age home’ is a dreaded word in today’s world. But at Assurance, we are out to change that definition

Key note from the founder

When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable

‘ASSURANCE’ was created because of a passion to help the people who had all they needed and yet lacked the most important need that an aged person craved for, and that is, “loving care”. During my travels and visits to many places, I personally experienced the pain the elderly people were going through, due to lack of proper loving care. They were financially sound, but lacked the human touch and loving care that could be given only by those who really have love for the aged. And I knew deep within me that I could be the one who could make that difference in their lives and give them all that love during their twilight years. Also, I could not only satisfy their physical needs but feed their spiritual souls as well.

“Love of God through love for his children”. Yes, this was the passion that burned within me to give of my utmost to those who really are in need of love and care. Having this vision, I prayed to the Lord and with his guidance I realized my dream – ‘ASSURANCE – Assisted Living for the Aged’.

Beenu goes on to say, “In a perfect world, everyone would keep their elderly parents at home with them. But sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world. Many a times, due to space and time constraints, we are unable to do that, especially if parents have any medical conditions or if children have settled abroad. ‘Old age home’ is a dreaded word in today’s world. But at Assurance, we are out to change that definition”



To provide a home filled with love, care and constant support – physically, spiritually and emotionally


To make your stay with us the happiest ever, where all your needs are provided and all your wants are met

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