A few basic criterions for admission include:

Eligibility Criteria


  • The minimum age required to become an eligible resident of Assurance is 55 years.


People of all nationalities are welcome. However, relevant documents will be required as listed below:

  • In case of a PIO, valid permit for long term stay in India should be furnished.
  • In case of a foreign national, a copy of the passport, with valid visa should be provided.


  • The resident should not be suffering from any infectious or communicable diseases.
  • The resident should not be mentally challenged, suffering from dementia, Alzheimer disease or any other type of psychiatric disorder.
  • The resident should not be dependent on any type of life support equipment, such as ventilator.
  • We also provide long term assisted care at an additional cost depending on the type of care required (Attendant/Nursing).
  • All applicants would need to clear a medical screening by a board appointed by the management of Assurance to become a resident.

We know that in the end it is not years in life that count! It is the quality of life in their life…

We help them wear their years with pride like a badge of honor for they have conquered, thrived and survived….We resolve to love and respect their right to dignity!


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Admission is open to any senior citizen of Indian origin, who cannot run his / her life due to loneliness or in absence of any attendant / person who can take care of him / her, or those persons who cannot run their livelihood adequately due to old age factor, or those neglected by their own kith and kin or those persons who are free from family liabilities for which the applicant will be required to submit test reports of the tests as advised by doctors. The doctor on panel of the old age home will examine the test reports, and admission will be confirmed only on his approval.

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Senior citizens who are suffering from infectious or mental diseases, or are involved in criminal cases or offences, or addicted to liquor or psychotropic substances, drugs etc. are not eligible for admission in the old age home.

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    Admission procedure

Criteria of age of the inmates

Every applicant applying for admission to old age home shall be required to produce at the time of interview a person who is none other than his/her near relative, failing which he/she shall produce a consent letter / credentials from such near relatives like children, brother(s), sister(s) who have attained age of majority and are competent to contract and such letter / credentials shall bear the signature, full address of contact, telephone numbers for the purpose of personal interview held by the old age home and the applicant to access his / her eligibility to admission.

The applicant should also furnish the following documents
(in original) to the satisfaction of the authority at the time of interview:

Proof of Age
Proof of Address
Test report of the tests as advised by Doctors of old age home
The name, surname, family name and full address and contact telephone number(s) / mobile no. of his/ her near relative and applicant’s relationship with such person.
The details of applicant’s spouse including his/ her name, surname, family name, date of birth, contact telephone number(s) etc. if the applicant is married.

No inmate will be re-admitted when once he/she is dismissed / sent away from the old age home. The decision of authority shall be final and binding upon the applicant.

Any inmate who has obtained admission by means of false representation of any kind or who may be found indulged in indiscipline / misconduct shall be dismissed from the old age home

No inmate will be re-admitted when once he/she is dismissed / sent away from the old age home. The decision of authority shall be final and binding upon the applicant.

If special treatment is required, it will be provided at extra cost

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