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Expert Care of the Elderly

Caring is a way of life @ Assurance


Competent Staff

Trained staff who love what they do take care of the inmates


Quality Medical Care

Nurses are on call and doctor’s visit/consultation can be made available


Relaxation Techniques

Weekly counselling sessions and guidance is available by a Spiritual Director


Amazing Ambience

The atmosphere @ Assurance premises is very comforting and peaceful for the inmates


Excellent Cuisine

Home food is provided according to each one’s taste bud


A home away from home, lacking nothing and missing nothing. An atmosphere of peace, love and happiness is just what you get at Assurance. With a serene communal environment, the elderly at Assurance does not miss a chance to be constantly supported physically, spiritually and emotionally on a person-to-person basis.

As per the physical support, Assurance is well-equipped with private rooms for individuals on sharing basis, and independent rooms for aged couples. The set-up is a fully-furnished area with wardrobes, modular kitchen, bathrooms with stylish fittings and more. There is a menu for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner that can be modified as per individual’s preferences. There are doctors on call, nurses on daily duty, provision for medical tests as per requirement.

For spiritual support, there is a chapel with altar for meditation and prayer, regular celebration of Holy Mass by a priest, along with daily prayers, regular Bible study, and weekly praise and worship sessions.

As for the emotional and psychological assistance is concerned, there are weekly counselling sessions and periodical guidance provided for the elderly by a Spiritual Director.

So, with 24×7 caregiving staff and helpers’ availability to cater to individual needs and with an array of activities to keep the housemates busy every day, Assurance makes life for the elderly quite occupied and interesting, and their stay enjoyable and lovable.

Life @ Assurance

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General Information

  • At the time of admission, an affidavit duly signed by the notary to the following affect shall have to be submitted:
    1. Declaration of Age.
    2. Declaration of permanent address.
    3. Non – use of drugs, liquor, intoxicants.
    4. Free from any contagious & serious diseases such as Cancer, T.B, Mental illness, and HIV Positive etc.
  • The old age home has full discretion to shift any inmate to any room, as per requirement of the old age home.
  • If any inmate is requested to leave the old age home, he / she will not have any objection.
  • The inmate would be allowed to keep with him / her minimum luggage preferably up to two suitcases and one bedding.
  • No inmate shall be allowed to keep firearms or weapons with him / her inside old age home.
  • Food, i.e. morning tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner will be served at the fixed hours only in the dining room. Room service will be allowed only for sick inmates and to those who cannot walk.
  • If any inmate wishes to donate his / her body parts such as eyes, kidneys etc. or the body on his/her death in the old age home, the same should be declared beforehand so that the old age home may take appropriate action in time.
  • It is to be understood that neither any inmate nor a donor enjoys any proprietary or other right(s), title or interest in respect of any room or over any part / portion of the properties of old age home.
  • It will be the responsibility of every inmate to take care of his / her personal articles and belongings and the Management will not be responsible for the loss of any such article or belonging.
  • Any inmate or his/her nominee / legal heir shall not have, nor he/she shall be deemed to have acquired, at any time, any right, title or interest whatsoever in the accommodation allotted to the inmate or his / her nominee, or in any part or parcel of the common facilities and amenities provided at the old age home for the use of the inmate.  The entire property shall be always in the possession of the old age home and occupants have no right, title or interest in the premises other than to live in the room allotted to them from time to time.  Old age home is authorized to change the allotment of the room at any time at their sole discretion and the same shall bind the occupant(s), and no complaint will be entertained in this respect by the old age home.
  • If any dispute arises between any inmate, his / her relative and the old age home, the court of jurisdiction will be BANGALORE COURT only.
Mode of Life

Guidelines for Inmates

  • Inmates’ children/relatives are required to contact the inmates via phone or personal visit on a regular basis (except under unformidable conditions)

  • The Inmates will be treated with best possible hygiene.

  • The inmates will also be enriched with spiritual activities according to Roman catholic tradition - mass, spiritual counselling etc. In addition, we have weekly service including praise and worship, coupled with sharing of the Word of God.

  • Inmates should use the campus (including the common facilities and amenities) with due care, to avoid any loss, breakage or damage. In the event of occurrence of any such loss, breakage, damage etc. due to the negligence and / or misuse by a member or his visitor(s), the cost of repair or replacement as determined by the Management will be recovered from the member concerned.

  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, tobacco or betel chewing and card playing for money within the old age home is strictly prohibited.

  • No inmate except the ones provided with pantry (if any) with their room(s), shall be allowed to cook any food inside his / her room.

  • No inmate shall be allowed to run private business from the old age home nor shall anyone be allowed to undertake Govt. or Private Job.

  • The old age home will not provide facility of outgoing telephone calls to inmates from its telephone.

  • The old age home reserves with it every right to dismiss inmate(s) who indulges/indulge in serious acts of indiscipline, misbehavior and/or any other act(s) that disturb the peaceful and congenial atmosphere or pollutes the atmosphere of coexistence of the old age home No specific sum is charged for any routine service provided by old age home. However, the inmates may denote to support the charity work taken up by the old age home. Details in this regard can be acquired from the office.

  • Disabled inmate who opts for services of special nurse, he/ she will be required to pay the charges of the nurse. For the convenience of inmate, he / she can pay lump sum amount in advance if he / she so wishes.

  • The inmates are necessarily required to arrange articles of their personal use such as their own clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc.

  • The inmates will have to make their own arrangements for cleaning their personal clothing, except the ones who are sick in whose case the old age home will make necessary arrangement for cleaning their clothes at their expenses. On the request of inmate, the old age home may arrange the cleaning of his/her clothes on payment.


Lifecare Inmates

With a serene communal environment, the elderly at Assurance does not miss a chance to be constantly supported physically, spiritually and emotionally on a person-to-person basis.

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